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For long years after the IT boom began application development was restricted mainly to USA but after the slump of the mid 90s, the IT industry in US was forced to outsource work to other countries like India where work could be done for far less a cost than back home. This ushered in the new era of outsourcing. Initially application development outsourcing was avoided and only testing jobs were outsourced. Testing jobs included the proofreading of the entire coding and then finding the flaws or bugs if any and then fixing or debugging the program.

But with the advent of the 21st century, the Indian IT industry too matured and became capable of handling application development outsourcing. And now slowly the trust on Indian companies that they could also provide application development was also increasing. Now the Indian software professionals were involved not only in rectifying but also in the development of various softwares. With the top three companies namely Infosys, TCS, Wipro in fight for getting the major share of application development outsourcing, the quality of applications developed increased tremendously as compared to previous years.

Now the application development outsourcing was being done to specific companies for specific softwares. There is software developed by Infosys which is known by the name ‘finnacle’ and is supposed to be one of the best banking softwares developed ever. This software is used by many major banks not only across India but across the world.

Application development outsourcing is also being done nowadays on a smaller scale through the various websites like, etc. You can post the details of the kind of application you want to get developed and then people can find out about your project and then you can choose amongst a set of professionals fit for your job. For example if you want a particular program on poker games then you can simply put up a project with the specification mentioned like the kind of software you need it to be developed on or the platform on which it will be required to run etc. Thus, you can outsource your application development to someone from developing countries at far lower rates.

Whatever may be the situation of IT industry today or tomorrow, but till IT industry is alive we must all agree to the fact that application outsourcing industry will continue to flourish and will help in keeping pumping the money into the developing countries from the developed nations.


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