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October 2, 2009 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Articles | Leave a comment

Looking for some free music downloads? You are not alone because almost everyone is also looking for free music downloads. After all buying music at such exaggerated rates is not feasible for everyone. Though gone are the days of Napster when the music industry had bowed down to music piracy but still you can find endless websites offering free music downloads. Though music is highly subsidized online but why to pay for what you can get free? Well here in this article we’ll explore the various options that we have in our quest for free music downloads.

There are thousands of websites online offering free music downloads. These websites range from those offering just a small collection to those offering more than a few ten thousands of songs. There are also websites that offer music downloads for free after you pay a small joining amount. This can be considered more of a token amount necessary for running the services of the website. Recently I also came across a website that although offered the songs for free, its owner had placed a virtual piggy bank on the website’s home page. In this piggy bank, you could deposit any amount (although not compulsorily) you wish. The owner also stated there that the money would be used only to enhance the collection of songs and services offered by the website. One of the most popular websites offering free music downloads is Apart from this there are many more websites offering songs of other countries for free. You can find various websites on the internet offering free mp3 versions of various Latino and Hindi songs too.

The other way of downloading free music could be using p2p software. This type of software can be used if some friend of yours has particular song or songs you want on his computer. Various p2p softwares available include morpheus, limewire, kaazaa etc. These three are also by far the most popular p2p sofwares. I order to make use of this technology, both you and your friend must have the same p2p software only. For example you can download the song from your friend only if you both are using morpheus. It is not possible to download song in case you are using morpheus and your friend is using limewire. But one of the advantages of using the p2p software is that not only can it be used for free music download but also for downloading and sharing movies and other stuff.

Thus, we see that there is no dearth of free music download options available to us. So what’s keeping you, go ahead and start downloading.


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