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October 4, 2009 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Articles | Leave a comment

Are you fed up of paying exorbitant amounts of money everytime you download your favorite music videos? Well it’s the same case with almost everyone else out here too. I can’t forget how I ended up emptying my pocket for music videos till I discovered how easily I could get them over the internet for free or for the price of peanuts. Now there are thousands of websites offering free or almost free music videos. You can download as many you want and whenever you want. Most of these websites offer free music videos but there are others that might charge you some small amount of money either at the time of joining or per download. But most of this money goes only into the maintenance and upgradation the websites. You might be thinking that if there are absolutely free sites then why should spend money howsoever small on these paid websites, aren’t you? Well that is just because most of the absolutely free music video sites do not have much content to offer whereas on almost every paid website you can find almost every music video you want. Some of the websites that offer free music videos are-

These websites charge a nominal one time fee and then you can download unlimited number of songs anytime and all the time. Apart from these you can also download free music videos using the various p2p softwares available across the internet for free. You can download either morpheus or limewire or Kaazaa, and as such these three are the best p2p softwares. These softwares help in creating something like a LAN connection between thousands of PCs worldwide. Once you download any of these softwares, you can search for the music video you want. Then you’ll see the related results and you’ll be able to download the free music video of your choice.

Apart from these there are many more websites which stream free music videos. You cannot download these videos but you can watch them online. These can be either selected from a list or requested. The only disadvantage with these free music videos is that you cannot download them. Some of the websites offering such services are-


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